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Sep 19, 2023

Easing the Barrier to Homeownership: Mortgage Assistance Available in New York

Many states offer programs to help ease the barrier to homeownership and further promote affordability. The

Sep 12, 2023

What Experts Project for Home Prices Over the Next 5 Years

If you're planning tobuy a home, one thing to consider is what experts projecthome

Sep 7, 2023

5 Simple Ways to Have a Successful School Year

As summer winds down and the new school year begins, this season can be both exciting and a bit nerve-racking

Aug 31, 2023

Why Your Mortgage Payments May Have Recently Changed, Understanding How Your Property Taxes Affect Your Escrow Account

When it comes to property taxes, the amount each homeowner pays annually can vary depending on local tax

Aug 24, 2023

Student Loan Payments Resuming Soon, Can You Still Qualify for a Mortgage With Student Debt?

While student loan borrowers benefitted from an interest and payment pause in response to the COVID-19

Aug 10, 2023

A Tipping Point Is on the Horizon, Zillow Survey Finds

Results from a recent Zillow survey, coupled with optimistic forecasts from housing experts, indicate that a

Jul 25, 2023

We’re Here to Help: 3 Ways to Prevent Unsolicited Mortgage Offers, Current Legality of Trigger Leads

What do applying for a mortgage, financing a new car, and opening a new credit card have in common? An influx

Jul 11, 2023

What Qualifies for a Bedroom? 7 Things to Look for When Buying or Selling Your Home

Welcome to the world of real estate, where not everything is as it seems. Unfortunately, placing a bed in any

Jul 6, 2023

3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Climate and Weather Risks

Florida hurricanes, earthquakes in California, tornadoes in the Midwest- there are geographical and weather

Jun 27, 2023

Putting Off Buying a Home Comes at a Price

Buy now, or wait until rates decrease? That’s the question prospective homeowners are struggling to

Jun 20, 2023

Important Steps to Take When Your Child Turns 18

Your child’s 18th birthday is an exciting milestone in their life. Not only is he or she a legal adult

Jun 6, 2023

Avoid Becoming a Victim of These Latest Identity Theft Tactics

Cybercriminals are diversifying their tactics and using stealthier methods to commit identity theft and

May 30, 2023

Credit Card Debt Hits All-Time High: Should You Refinance to Consolidate?

Americans have an absolute mountain of credit card debt- currently $986 billion, to be exact. On top

May 23, 2023

Why Buyers Need an Expert Agent by Their Side

The process of buying a home can feel a bit intimidating, even under normal circumstances. But today's market is still anything but normal. There continues to be a very limited number of homes for sale, and that’s creating bidding wars and driving home prices back up as buyers compete over the available homes.

May 18, 2023

Buy Now, Sell Later: Qualifying for a New Home Without Selling Your Current One

If you are a current homeowner looking to move, you know the challenges that come with finding a new home